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A match with Norwegian competence and China’s middle income consumers

Recently, a report called ‘China’s Middle Income Consumers’ is published by China-Britain Business Council ( Though it is written for UK companies. I believe that it can also be referred by Norweign companies, especially those deal with e-commerce, healthcare, education, leisure

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Proposal: 3 sectors/industries in the Nordic countries should be promoted to Hong Kong

1. Game Industry in the Nordics – Sector of Creative Industries According to Nordic Council Minister[1], the Nordic creative industries represent one of the largest and fastest growing areas of the total global economy. There is no doubt that the

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StartmeupHK Venture Programme has drawn 550 entries from entrepreneurs in 47 economies worldwide

StartmeupHK Venture Programme, under Invest Hong Kong, has recently received 550 applicants. They are mainly from HK, US, India, Israel and UK. How about the Nordic entrepreneurs? Are they well-informed of the Programme? Or, they are scared to go overseas?!

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How to do business in Norway

A brief checklist prepared by for those who plan to set up business in Norway.

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to RCBC’s blog.

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