Is it your right timing to expand overseas market? First come first, RCBC assists you to evaluate your unique situation, condition, strength and weakness so that the most realistic entry strategy is adopted. Consulting services such as market research and analysis, competitor analysis, business plan, market strategy, risk assessment, coaching, translation, feasibility study, company setup and secretariat service, match-making businesses and field study.

Projects done
  • Research the patent registration procedure and fee in Hong Kong and China, finding contact person for the company in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, compiling the company setup procedure in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and conducting background check of factories in Shenzhen. Procedures and fees of trademark registration in Hong Kong and China.


  • Researched on the regulation of EU and Norway before importing the finished product from China. Checked the background of the factory in China. Coordinated between client and the factory about product requirement and specification. Found out the laboratory tests required and budgets before exporting to Norway.


  • Compiled reports of applying imported health food approval certificate in China, and the national food safety standards of certain products. Formed a private limited company in Hong Kong.


  • Compiled fund factsheet of a small loan investment fund to the company’s Chinese partner.


  • Partnered and presented ‘How to do business in Greater China region’, and ‘Meeting the challenges when doing business in China – a model of business ecosystem’ at Oslo Chamber of Commerce.


  • Compiled business proposal to Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd and Hong Kong Water Supplies Department, and investor proposal to institutional clients in Norway and Europe.

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