Espen Øksby

Chairman – United Brothers Limited
I have been working with Richard for several finance projects between Norway, China and Hong Kong. Richard is very good at business research, analysis and reporting. Most important, he is trustable, reliable and responsible. Because of his background, education and working experience, he has perspectives, insights and networks of both Chinese and Norwegian which are very crucial in communicating and understanding the projects we are doing. Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend him to his clients.

Rasmus Wendt

Senior adviser Trade policy at Nordic Innovation – Nordic Council of Ministers
I have had the pleasure of working together with Richard on a number of international projects at Nordic innovation. I considered Richard a highly reliably colleague who always delivered his input fast, to the point and with high quality. I will always be happy to recommend him.

Bjorn A. Kraabol

Senior Project Manager @IDEX ASA
Richard Chiu has worked with Kraabol AS on several occasions. He is very experienced and is especially good at complex contracts and agreements. We regard him as part of the extended Kraabol AS team and will use his services again and can recommend him to others.

Bjørn Bekkevold

CEO, XTN Group
I met Richard Chiu in a seminar organized by Oslo Chamber of Commerce on 8 June 2011. Since then, he has been assisting me in formulating business plans to potential investors and clients in Asia and Europe for my energy-saving business. Richard always rendered professional performance in various areas such as industrial, product and market analysis, risk assessment, financial analysis, accounting and budgeting. He is good at problem solving even with limited information. He never fails to meet deadline, and can learn new things within short period. He is responsible, punctual, diligent, reliable and communicative.

Andreas Hope

Project manager, outsourcing and sales
I worked briefly with Richard on a project and he quickly impressed me with his abilities to seek opportunities, take the initiative and deliver. He is easy to work with and has a dedicated professional attitude. He is a great team worker and will deliver. He is a fast learner, quick to grasp new knowledge. I would be happy to work with him again.

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